System Requirements

Requires powerful computer to release the full potential

4 GB of RAM

8 GB of RAM is highly recommended. If you only have 4 GB of RAM there are serious limitations: you cannot always run multiple engines (this depends on which engines and their settings), you cannot run Scan with 6 piece endgame databases (Scan loads endgames into memory which requires 2 GB), and you sometimes cannot use the 8 piece endgame databases.

8 GB of available disk space

(optional) 56 GB of available disk space for Kingsrow 7 and 8 piece WLD endgame databases1

(optional) 37 GB of available disk space for Kingsrow 6 and 7 piece DTW endgame databases2

Hard disk

SSD is recommended, especially if you are using 7 and 8 piece endgame databases.

Core i3 (or higher)

Core i5 (or higher) is recommended. Fast processor is needed to run multiple engines, and to enjoy the new instant analysis option.

Windows 10, Windows 11

Turbo Dambase account

Internet connection