Flits endgame

The program is shipped with the Flits endgame databases. In order to use these Flits endgame databases the programs needs to know where to find them.


  • If the engine screen is not visible choose Window/Windows/Engine to make it visible.
  • Right click in the endgame screen en choose Engine from the menu.
  • Press the button Engine parameters.
  • The endgame databases reside by default below Documents in the directory: BorKlaas\Tdam5\Endgame.
  • Browse to the directory where the endgame databases reside.
  • Select one of the databases with extension DAT and press Open and then two times Ok.
  • Flits restarts and from now on Flits use the endgame databases.
  • The endgame screen uses the Flits endgame databases for positions with 6 pieces.