Analyse games using the built in Flits engine or play a game against Flits. Save games including variations and text commentary. Learn openings quickly with the big opening book. See the results of all endgames up to six pieces. Search games on all kinds of criteria. Print games including diagrams. Publish in a magazine or on the internet.


Flits created by Adri Vermeulen is a strong engine. Flits always thinks about the current board position. You can select one or more games and let them analyse by Flits. Of course you can also play a game against Flits.

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The program offers different forms of annotation. You can add an unlimited number of variations. Text commentary before or after each move. Commentary in the form of special symbols inserted before or after a move (!?, !!). You can print a diagram after each move.

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The book is a database with all positions occurred in all games from the database. For each position the book has full information on which moves were played, how often and with what result. Browsing the book gives you quick insight into the openings played in practice. You can create your own books, for example a book with all games of your next opponent.

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In the endgame screen you can see the result of all endgames with 6 pieces or less. The GWD endgame databases are unique. These databases not only know if an endgame wins, but also in how many moves! If there is only one winning move, you see a red square with a plus sign inside. This way you can see quickly if the endgame is 'sharp'.

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There are many options to adjust the print according to your wishes. You can print in columns and draw a separator between them. Choose where you want the page numbers. Print a header line and footer line on each page. Change the size of the diagrams. Design your own bitmap diagrams. The program supports also two true type fonts for the diagrams.

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There are many ways to publish your games. An RTF file which you can open in all word processors. A HTML file is ready for the internet. A PDN file is a fixed format to make exchange possible with other programs. Publish games on the internet with Javascript to replay all moves.

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